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VisionKids Kyomikids II 40-160倍携帯型顕微鏡 Portable microscope

VisionKids Kyomikids II 40-160倍携帯型顕微鏡 Portable microscope

  • 【40-160倍顕微鏡】高品質レンズ・色収差なし。倍率は40倍から160倍まで拡大できるズーム機能を搭載しています。更に、LEDライト付きで、細部まで明るく観察できます!
  • 【シンプルなデザインで、使いやすい】特に複雑な操作不要で、簡単に使えるため、幼児向けお勧め顕微鏡です!子供たちを未知の世界を探索し、知識の探求に情熱を注ぐことに誘います。 植物、昆虫、組織、細胞などマイクロ世界を便利に観察できて、子供・学生・初心者に適用しています。 
  • 【1台2役の顕微鏡】上下に高さ調整可能、回すだけで素早く簡単にピントを合わせるフォーカス出来ます。精密な顕微鏡よりも操作が簡単、小さなお子さまにも扱いやすい顕微鏡です。更に、手持ち顕微鏡の切り替え可能で、ポケットに入れて持ち歩くことが出来、観察したいときにサッと取り出して片手で操作できます。
  • 【安全無毒素材】剛性が優れ「ABS樹脂」や耐衝撃性の「アクリル樹脂」を採用しており、安全無毒で異臭なしで安心して使用頂けます。
  • 【プレゼントに最適】クリスマスや誕生日プレゼント、小学校や中学校の入学祝い用にギフトラッピング対応してます。充実な付属品:研究キット、準備された標本、子供の小中学生、学校、研究所、家族と一緒に自由研究に最適です。
  • [40-160x microscope] High quality lens, no chromatic aberration. It is equipped with a zoom function that can magnify from 40x to 160x. Furthermore, with the LED light, you can observe every detail brightly!
  • [Simple design, easy to use] It is a recommended microscope for young children because it is easy to use without the need for complicated operations! Invite children to explore the unknown world and to be passionate about their quest for knowledge. You can conveniently observe the micro world such as plants, insects, tissues, and cells, and it is applied to children, students, and beginners. 
  • [Microscope with two roles in one unit] The height can be adjusted up and down, and you can focus quickly and easily just by turning it. It is a microscope that is easier to operate than a precision microscope and is easy to handle even for small children. In addition, the handheld microscope can be switched, so you can carry it in your pocket, and when you want to observe it, you can quickly take it out and operate it with one hand.
  • [Safe and non-toxic material] Highly rigid "ABS resin" and impact-resistant "acrylic resin" are used, so it is safe and non-toxic and can be used safely without any offensive odor.
  • [Suitable for gifts] Gift wrapping is available for Christmas, birthday gifts, and entrance celebrations for elementary and junior high schools. Extensive accessories: Study kits, prepared specimens, children's elementary and junior high school students, schools, laboratories, ideal for independent studies with families.
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