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HappiRAITO Monitor Reading Light LEDモニターライト

HappiRAITO Monitor Reading Light LEDモニターライト








VisionKids HappiRAITO Eye protection monitor reading light

5V USB connector-touch dimming color temperature warm white + positive white

Product description:

1. A new generation of intelligent reading lights, which are specially designed for computer screen eye protection lights for people who work and study at night;

2. High-quality, high-efficiency SMD 3014 LED light source, small size, high density of row lights, more uniform light color, and good linear effect;

3. Black aluminum alloy shell, good heat dissipation effect, thickened and hardened, light and simple, textured, not easy to deform;

4. DC5V safe low-voltage power supply, with a 1.5m long USB to Type C interface cable, can be plugged into the USB output port of the computer for power supply, or DC5V/1A and above mobile phone chargers, mobile power supplies, adapters, etc. to supply power;

5. Built-in 4-bit touch button dimming and color temperature control module, you can select the appropriate luminous color temperature and brightness by touching it with your hand;

6. The eye protection lamp can be easily installed directly above the computer monitor through the unique structure of the counterweight clamp; adjust the angle of the clamp to adjust the irradiation area of the eye protection lamp, which is more convenient for computer office and study;

7. Energy saving and environmental protection, green light source, suitable for various monitors of different sizes and thickness of 1-3CM, a good helper for computer office and study.

Remarks: The shell of the counterweight fixture is made of ABS rubber, with a golden black appearance and a weight of about 150G. The unique structural design can be applied to various monitors of different sizes and thicknesses from 1CM to 3CM. The lighting area of the eye protection light can be adjusted.

Product packing list:

1. Touch dimming and color temperature multi-functional eye protection reading light *1 (classic black)
2. 1.5m long USB to Type C interface cable, black PVC *1
3. Counterweight fixture *1
4. Instruction manual *1 copy
5. Packing *1 set


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