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KyoMi Kids 360 KyoMi Kids360

KyoMi Kids 360 KyoMi Kids360

STEM , Cultivate children's interest in exploring the micro-world. Using high-definition 185 objective lens, up to 1400 times magnification image. Experimental observation, specimen preparation, collection and shooting, dual LED light source, handwheel control focus, 360-degree rotatable eyepiece for easy sharing and viewing, equipped with mobile phone holder can be connected to mobile phone lens, convenient for shooting and recording , Share and record via mobile phone.



Product Specifications 

Product name : VisionKids KyoMiKids 360 rotating head microscope for Kids

SKU : JPV096

Color : yellow blue

Material : ABS

Eyepiece : 15X/35X

Objective lens : 4X/10X/40X

Magnifications : 60, 140, 150, 350, 600, 1400 times

Observation effects : Five types of condenser holes, four-color condenser lens

Lighting : 2 X LED light source , main & auxiliary light

Battery supply : 3.0V, 2 AA batteries (not included)

Product size : 21.8cm*16.8cm*10.5cm

Age : 6 years old or above

Net weight : 332g

Accessories list: Incubation box*1, demonstration specimen*1, transparent glass slide*5, collection bottle*3, specimen box*1, forceps*1, spatula*1, dissecting needle*1, scalpel*1, mobile phone holder

Gross size : 22.8cm X 11.5cm X 29cm

Gross weight: 650g


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