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HappiFan Tini Portable Mini Fan

HappiFan Tini Portable Mini Fan

Visionkids HappiFan Tini Portable Mini Fan


● You can hold it in your hand, attach it to the attached neck strap and hang it around your neck, or attach it to your outfit or waist with a clip.
● The self-supporting pedestal is integrated with the fan, and can be used as a desktop fan immediately on the desk simply by changing the angle.
● Adjustable 3 levels of air volume: low, medium and high.
● Designed with noise avoidance in mind, it operates much quieter than ordinary electric fans even at high speeds.
● It has a built-in rechargeable battery ( 3.7V, 1000mAh ) and can be charged with a device that has a USB port.
● Full capacity operation time: 5.5 hours (1st speed) /2.5 hours (2nd speed) /1.5 hours (3rd speed).


Product specifications Product name: Portable mini fan Model number: JP3014
Material: ABS / PP / Printed circuit board Battery voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Input: DC5.0V / 1000mAh (± 20%)
Output: 3.5W
Operating current: 1st speed 170mA; 2nd speed 370mA; 3rd speed 650mA
Operating power: 1st speed 0.7W; 2nd speed 1.5W; 3rd speed 2.5W
Size: 60 * 66 * 70mm
Weight: 80g
Product code: GB4706.1-2005 / GB4706.27-2008
Origin: China 

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