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HappiCAMU T4

HappiCAMU T4

**Creating the Future of Imagery: VisionKids Japan Unveils the World's First 4-Inch IPS High Definition Touch Screen Camera for Children**


VisionKids, a pioneer in integrating innovative technology, is proud to announce the global release of the VisionKids HappiCAMU (HappyCam) T4, the world's first 4-inch IPS high-definition touch screen camera designed specifically for children. This groundbreaking device aims to stimulate children's creativity, nurture an interest in photography, and provide endless educational and entertainment experiences centered around joy and learning.


**About VisionKids:**

VisionKids is a dedicated provider of children's education and innovative products, committed to enriching the lives of children. Founded by Japanese designer Nakaniida Miyuki, VisionKids specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of digital cameras and electronic products designed for children. Through its design teams and business networks in Hong Kong and Tokyo, VisionKids brings fun and education to children through a variety of engaging educational products, helping them develop essential skills through educational products that encourage creativity, learning, and safe exploration. VisionKids promises to nurture creativity, learning, and safe exploration, earning trust from parents worldwide and love from children for its products.


The VisionKids HappiCAMU T4 goes beyond being a mere camera for children; it beckons children on a journey of exploration as the crystallization of unique technology. With advanced features and refined design, it aims to foster the spirit of exploration, creativity, and sharing among children. Through its 4-inch large touchscreen, children can pursue their dreams.


**Product Details:**

- Product Name: HappiCAMU T4

- Screen Size: 4-inch IPS full-width screen

- Video Format: MOV

- Video Code: JPEG

- Video Resolution: 1080P (1920×1080)

- Photo Resolution (Max): 49 megapixels (9600×5120)

- Storage Support: Micro SD card (supports up to 64GB)

- Functions: 5X zoom, LED flash light, Dual lens selfies, Cute cartoon frame

- Charging Voltage: DC-5V

- Charging Time: 2.5 hours

- Interface Type: Type-C

- Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh

- Size: 10.7cm×8cm×4cm

- Weight: 165g

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