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IP camera IP camera

IP camera IP camera

1080P / 2MP / Zoom:
Adopting a lens with 2 million high-definition pixels, the image quality is clearer than that of conventional cameras, and you can check it on your smartphone. Equipped with a digital zoom function, the screen is vast and you can clearly see the facial expressions of the subject.

Night vision function / wide vision:
Built-in infrared light automatically switches to night vision mode in black situations. Even in a pitch-black room, you can clearly see a distance of about 10m. The angle of the lens can be adjusted in the range of horizontal (pan) 355 ° and vertical (tilt) 90 ° with a smartphone, and the night vision function is combined to watch over the house from all directions.

Auto tracking / alarm communication:
The camera is equipped with an auto-tracking function that detects movement and automatically tracks it. When motion is detected within the monitoring range using the alarm settings of the app, an alarm sound is emitted from the camera, and at the same time, photography and video shooting are started, and the smartphone is also notified, enabling real-time monitoring.

Two-way audio / supported equipment:
The camera has a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can talk through the camera with your smartphone even when you are out, and you can also receive voice from the other side. It can be operated not only on smartphones but also on personal computers.

Japanese app / multi-type connection method:
You can set the camera by WI-FI connection or LAN wired by installing the dedicated application [iCsee] and using the voice guide, and you can use it quickly. One user can connect multiple cameras, or one camera can be shared by multiple users. In AP mode, it can be monitored even when there is no network.



Product name:  Smart cloud camera

Number of pixels:  1080P (1920 x 1080)

Signal-to-noise ratio:  > 48 (db)

lens:  3.6mm-F1.4

Movable area:   Pan 355 °, Tilt 90 °

Infrared flight distance:  10m

Operating environment:  -10 to 60 (℃), humidity <90% (no condensation)

alarm:  Motion detection

Two-way call:  support

Device sharing:   Support (no limit on the number of people)

Network interface:  RJ45 10M / 100M Ethernet port

Storage media:  Micro SD card (up to 128G-please purchase separately)

Power consumption:  3W Max

Power supply:  DC  5V / 1.6A

Applicable standard:   2.4GHz

Product size:  74 (W) mm x 115 (H) mm

Body weight:  190g

Gross weight:  440g

Package contents:  Wireless camera, USB cable, charger, fixing pedestal, fixing screws / anchors


1080P / 2 million pixels & zoom: With 2 million high-definition pixels, crystal clear picture quality can be confirmed on a smartphone. The VisionKids WiFi security camera also equipped with a digital zoom function, the screen can be expanded to clearly see the faces of pets, people & intruders. 


Night Vision & Wide Angel: Built-in infrared lights which can automatically switch to night vision mode in dim light conditions. You can clearly see a distance of about 10 m even in a dark room. It includes pans 355 ° and tilts 90 ° for a full-room view. (Left, Right, 355 degrees; Up, Down, 90 degrees)


Two-way audio: The VisionKids security camera has a built-in microphone and speaker to allow you to listen and speak back to where the camera is located. It can be operated not only with smartphones but also with PCs and tablets. If you want a simple surveillance product to protect your home or a discreet way to monitor (and listen / speak to) children, elderly relatives or pets wherever you are in the world, then this is just the ideal product for you.


Product name:     Smart Cloud Camera
SKU     JP204 (US) / JP205 (UK) / JP206 (JP)
Number of pixels:     1080P (1920x1080)
Signal to noise ratio:     > 48 (db)
Lens:     3.6mm-F1.4
Movement range:     355 ° translation, 90 ° tilt
Infrared flight distance:     10m
Working environment:     -10 to 60 (° C), humidity <90% (no condensation)
Alarm:     "Motion Detection
Two-way call:     Support
Device sharing:     Support (no limit)
Network interface:     RJ45 10M / 100M Ethernet port
Storage media:     Micro SD card (up to 128G)
Power consumption:     up to 3W
Power supply:     DC 5V / 1.6A
Applicable standard:     "2.4GHz
Product content: "     "Wireless camera, USB cable, battery charger
Fixing seat, fixing screw / anchor
Body size:     74 (W) mm x 115 (H) mm
Product Weight     190g
Product Gross Weight     440g

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