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With a blue light cut rate of 40%, it effectively cuts blue light and also cuts ultraviolet rays, so it protects your eyes from harmful rays and reduces the burden when using a computer or smartphone.

Visible light transmittance 98%, comfortable to wear with natural visibility.

Latest graphene anion frame

Ultra-lightweight, with excellent flexibility and elasticity, it restores its original shape without breaking when bent.

Comfortable to wear with ultra-lightweight elastic material

The body is light, uses a flexible band, and does not feel oppressive even when worn for a long time.

Easy to put on and take off, equipped with double protective silicone ear hooks, set on glasses and worn to fit your ears. In addition, a glasses strap is also included, so you can hang your glasses around your neck. You don't have to worry about your glasses falling due to bowing or running.

Protect your precious eyes from blue light !!!



Weight: 18g

Frame material: Graphene anion

Lens material: Resin

Function type: Blue light cut, UV cut, radiation protection

Color: pink, blue

Blue light cut rate: Approximately 40%

Visible light transmittance: 98%

High quality lens

Blue light cut up to 40%, eye protection

Hard coat that does not scratch the lens

Easy and comfortable frame

Hard-to-break material Graphene anion, excellent flexibility and elasticity

Light weight about 18g, comfortable to use for a long time

High nose pad that makes it difficult for eyelashes to hit the lens


Package contents: Glasses x1

Glasses strap x1

Silicon tip cell x2

Glasses cloth x1

Storage bag x1


ANTI BLUE RAY LENS: HappiMegane, kids bluelight glasses for daily use when kids using a computer, iPad or smartphone. It can cut 40% of the blue light, reduce screen glare, can effectively ease dry and tired eyes, reduce eyestrain and headache, protect children's eyesight.


FLEXIBLE FRAME DESIGNED FOR KIDS: Ultra-lightweight and flexible graphene anion frames and Eco-friendly silicone temple hook for durability and comfortable long-term wearing. Spring hinge is adopted, therefore it fits all face shapes and won't press children' face. Soft silica gel nose pad reduces the burden of nose, prevents red prints. Which can be twisted and bend, don't worry about the glasses being damaged by your child. 


SUPER CUTE SLEEK EYEWEAR FRAME: -With bright colors your kids can show off their unique sense of style.


Specifications Specifications    
Product name:     HappiMegane
SKU:     JPH005 JPH006
Color: Color:     Pink / Blue
Frame material:     Graphene anion
Lens material:     Resin
Function Type:     Blue light cut / UV cut / radiation protection
Blue light cut rate:     40%
Visible light transmittance:     98%
size:     130mm * 35mm * 30mm
Product weight:     18g
Product Gross Weight:     132g

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