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Binoculars Binoculars

Binoculars Binoculars

[10x binoculars set, 10x clearer impression of concert]

The best telescope for concerts, live performances, watching sports, and watching theater! It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from appreciation of paintings and works of art to outdoor activities and nature observation. The impression of the concert is 10 times clearer, and even the fine facial expressions and momentary breathing are 10 times clearer and will remain in your memory.

[Smooth operability, with Japanese instruction manual]

We are particular about operability so that you can use it immediately when you want to see it. Not only can the eye width be adjusted, but anyone can use it with simple operations when focusing. Even children can adjust it. With a Japanese instruction manual, you can use it with confidence even for the first time.

[Clear view / storage eyecup]

A high clear lens (BaK7 prism) is used to obtain a clearer and clearer field of view. It is a special coated lens and is designed so that it does not burden the eyes. It looks fine even in dark places. With the design of the storage eye cup, you can use it even if you wear glasses!

[Wide field of view]

Real field of view: 7.5 ° The wider the field of view, the wider the field of view, making it easier to find the object. The magnification is 10x, the effective diameter of the objective lens is 22mm, and the diameter of the field of view reaches 112m when viewing the scenery from 1000m away.

[Ultra-lightweight, compact, with storage case]

Super lightweight, weighs only 135g! Size: 102mm * 80mm * 35mm It is palm-sized and does not take up space in the bag. It is compact and convenient for women and children to carry. Comes with a special soft case and a belt loop, making it convenient to carry!


Product model number: JP101 / JP102    

Magnification: 10 times    

Real field of view: 7.5 °    

Effective diameter of objective lens: 22mm  

Binoculars Weight: 135g    

Product weight: 165g    

Product size: 102mm * 80mm * 35mm    

Target age: 6 years old and over    

Package contents: Binoculars, storage case, strap, cloth, Japanese manual   


10x High Performance Binoculars Set: 10 times degree with 22mm objective lens, you can get a wide field view of 112m at 1000m far away. It's great for concerts and sports event, bird watching, learning, hunting, theaters, boat rides, hiking and traveling. Package includes: binoculars, soft case, wrist strap, cleaning cloth, user manual.


Crystal Clear View: The lens of this binoculars are made from Bak4 prisms to provide a clear field of view with 7.5 ° viewing angle. Multilayer coated optics lens can reduce eye strain and ensure that the image you view will be as bright and sharp as possible .. 


Easy To Focus: This binoculars equipped with an easy central focusing knob to fit different view distance. Interpapillary distance adjustable makes them suitable for both kids and adults.


Super Safety & Twist-up Eyecups: Soft rubber surrounded eyepieces are good for eye protection. Twist-up eyecups are also friendly to people who wear glasses.


Compact & Lightweight: The VisionKids binoculars is compact and portable for women and children. Dimensions: 102mmx80mmx35mm. You'll appreciate how lightweight these binoculars are, as they weigh only 135g.  The soft case is convenient to carry with a belt loop!

Specifications Specifications    

Product name:     10X binoculars
SKU:     JP101 / JP102
Color: Color:     Pink / Blue
Magnification:     10X
Real field of view:     7.5 °
Effective diameter of objective lens:     22mm
Target age:   6 years old and over
Package contents:     Binocular, storage case, strap, cross manual
Size: Size:     102mm * 80mm * 35mm
Product Weight     135g
Product Gross Weight     165g


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