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ベビーモニターBaby Monitor

ベビーモニターBaby Monitor
















イメージセンサタイプ:1/3 "カラーCMOS    

有効画素:H:640 V:480    

レンズ:EFL = 3.6mm F = 2.8    

視野角:70度     赤外線LED:7個(5m)    

電圧:DC 5V         



ディスプレイの種類:TFT 2.4"    


視野角:H:80° V:100°    






Baby Monitor

Night vision/ night light:An infrared light is built into the camera to prevent the baby from being surprised. In dark places, the video automatically becomes black and white. There is a small LED light that gives the baby comfort with subtle light.

Two-way talk:
You can talk to your baby by pressing the talk button on the monitor.

2x zoom:
By pressing the zoom button, you can magnify the image and see details such as facial expressions.

Easy setting:
It does not need a network, it starts and both pair automatically. Manual pairing is also supported.

Temperature display and lullaby:
There is a thermometer on the camera side, and the temperature is displayed on the monitor. Useful for room temperature management. In addition, you can remote choose a lullaby. The volume can also be adjusted.

Usage distance:
The receiving distance is 100M in the absence of obstacles and radio interference. The standard in the actual living environment is assumed to be about 10-30m.



Product name:    Baby Monitor
SKU:    JP202/JP203
Color:    Pink
Operating frequency range:    2400 MHz-2483.5MHz
Maximum transmit power:    17 dBm Max
Monitoring sensitivity:    -88 dBm
Spread spectrum:    TX FHSS
Modulation type:    GFSK
Data rate:    3 Mbps
Transmission distance:    100 m(when no obstacles are available)
Working temperature:    0℃-40℃
Working humidity:    85% RH
Use environment:    Indoor only
Wireless camera    
Image sensor type:    1/3"color sensor
Effective pixel H:640V:    480
Lens:    EFL=3.6mm F=2.8
Viewing angle:    70 degrees
Infrared:    LED 7(5m)
Voltage:    DC 5V
Built in:    microphone/speaker
Body size:    115mm*70mm*32mm
Product Weight:    70g
Wireless monitor    
Display type:    TFT 2.4"
Resolution(pixels):    960*240(RGB)
Viewing angle H:80°V:    100°
Voltage:    DC 5V
Built-in battery :    3.7V lithium-ion polymer
Body size:    125mm*62mm*30mm
Product Weight:    95g
Product Gross Weight:    550g

  • Baby Monitor User Manual 說明書

    Click to download User Manual

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