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VisionKids HappiCAMU+ 高性能トイカメラ 選べる三色展開
★ 顔認識:顔を認識しヒントを合わせます。
★ 4倍ズーム:撮影と録画の画面ズームが可能です!
★ 手ブレ防止機能:走っている時でもキレイに撮れます。
★ 可愛いフォーム及びフィルター
★ スマホで即時にデータ確認可能
★ オン・オフ可能な効果音



商品名: ハピカムプラス

ディスプレー: 2インチ

ディスプレータイプ: IPSフルHD

レンズ: ダブルレンズ(前後レンズ)

ビデオフォーマット: AVI 画像

フォーマット: M-JPEG

録画解像度: 1080P(1920X1080)

写真解像度:  2000万画素(5184X3880)

最大記憶容量: 最大32GB-クラス10(別販)

充電電圧: DC-5V

充電時間: 4-5h

USBポート: マイクロUSB

バッテリー容量: 1000 mAh

バッテリータイプ:  ポリマーリチウム電池

商品サイズ:  80mm*60mm*55mm

本体重量:  75g

総重量: 245g

パッケージ内容: カメラ、ネックストラップ、説明書、シール、コネクターx2、リストストラップ、充電ケーブル


20 megapixel dual lens & 1080P video:The HappiCAMU kids camera is equipped with a 20 megapixel dual lens. It can quickly change the front and rear lens with one touch. Children can also take selfies easily. With a 2 inches LCD screen, you won't miss every moment when taking a selfie.


Zoom/Filter/Frame:Supports 4x zoom when shooting video,and there are a variety of cute filters and photo frames to choose. Even if you shoot far away, you can shoot clearly. In addition,the camera has a face recognition that automatically focuses on the face.


USB converter/fast data transfer:It comes with 2 USB converters (for Micro USB & Type-C), which can be connected to the camera and mobile phone for instant data transfer. (This function only support Android phones with OTG function, not supporting iOS)


Timed shooting/sound: Support different countdown timed shooting.(continuously 3  times,countdown shooting,countdown continuous shooting.)The camera has a cute  operating sound, and the children can have fun when they are using. The operating sound can be switched on and off in the menu.


Product name:    HappiCAMU Plus
SKU:    JP053/JP054/JP055
Color:    Blue/Pink/Green
Display:    2 inches
Display type:    IPS Full HD
Lens:    Dual lens(front and rear)
Video format:    AVI
Picture format:    M-JPEG
Recording resolution:    1080P(1920*1080)
Photo resolution    20Million(5184*3888)
Storage capacity:    Micro SD card(maximum 32G,class10)
Charging voltage:    DC-5V
Charging time    4-5 hours
USB port:    Micro USB
Battery capacity:    1000 mAh
Battery type:    lithium-ion polymer
Product content:    Camera, neck strap, instruction manual, sticker, connector x 2, wrist strap, charging cable
Size:    80mm*60mm*55mm
Product weight:    75g
Product Gross Weight:    245g

  • HappiCAMU PLUS User Manual 說明書

    Click to download User Manual 

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