HappiSUTANDO Multifunction Reading Book Stand 多機能ブックスタンド

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Ergonomic design, less tiring even after long hours of use, supports children's skeletal formation.

● With Happi SUTANDO, you can easily keep the correct posture by adjusting the angle. You can create a habit of not bending over or looking down.

● It is very useful not only as a multifunctional stand and laptop holder, but also as a smartphone / tablet holder or reading stand.

● Used as a smartphone holder, free hands and the screen can be viewed at the correct angle, so there is no burden on the head spine and there is no effect on eyesight.

● Used as a laptop holder, you can easily keep the correct posture by adjusting the angle. You can work comfortably.

● Use as a reading table, mount a clip on the bottom of the board, release both hands, and fix the book open.

● The angle can be adjusted in 4 steps (20 degrees, 40 degrees, 60 degrees, 180 degrees) and can be adjusted quickly with one key operation. We can provide the most comfortable angle for your needs.

● Compact and lightweight, it does not take up space and can be used at home, school, office, etc.

Product Summary
Product name: VisionKids HappiSUTANDO
Product color: White
Material: High quality PC
Weight: 713g
Size used: 330 * 250 * 285mm
Storage size: 330 * 250 * 70mm

Adjustable angles: 20 °, 40 °, 60 °, 180 °


Book Stand人間工学のデザイン、長時間の使用でも疲れ難く、子供の骨格形成に影響をサポートします。






●角度を4段階(20度, 40度, 60度, 180度)を調節でき、ワンキー操作で素早く調節可能。必要に合わせて、最も快適な角度を提供できます。

商品名:VisionKids HappiSUTANDO
使用サイズ:330 * 250 * 285mm
収納サイズ:330 * 250 * 70mm

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